Indian subcontinent

These photographs represent a selection of those taken on my trips around the Indian Subcontinent in 1993 and 95-97. India is a truly wonderful country to photograph; nowhere on earth is there such a diversity of people, landscapes and cultures living in close proximity.

People rarely object, and frequently revel in having their pictures taken. The camera, far from acting as a barrier between photographer and subject, allow anintimacy that often would not be

possible otherwise, given the language barrier that frequently exists. A quick shot can often lead to something more interesting as barriers break down and people invite you into their daily lives. In most cases, there is a refreshing honesty in the reaction to the photographer, especially in rural areas. People do not simply go rigid and strike unnatural poses, more often they will simply carry on with their tasks.The extemely localised nature of the country means that two towns 40km apart will have subtly different 'flavours' in their dress, customs and festivals.

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