I am a freelance photographer based in East London and working in and around the London area. My photographic work covers a wide range of disciplines including Press, PR, promotional material and documentary/reportage. On this site, you will find a portfolio of images covering both my commercial and personal work during the 1990s.

Most of the work on display is in black and white, my preferred way of working for personal projects and much of my commercial material. My love of B&W grew initially from the greater degree of control afforded in processing, but over the years I have come to prefer its graphic qualities, relying far more on composition and action within the frame than the distraction of colour, which for many photographers, becomes an end in itself. This is to some extent mirrored in my own colour work, for which I use Fuji transparency because of its vivid, almost unreal colour balance.

My most rewarding photographic assignments are with people, as individuals or crowds. Capturing a moment that epitomises an event, or reveals something of a portrait sitters inner self is the greatest challenge in photography. A moment in which the finest camera or flash is no substitute for an instinct for the movement or gesture that is yet to be made. The best of my work is about thinking on my feet. Often a reaction to the camera produces a more revealing image than one taken without the subjects knowledge. Although I produce much 'single shot' press work, my greatest love is for reportage/documentary work in which a story is told in far greater depth in a series of images than one single picture can ever convey.

If you require any further information, or wish to see a portfolio of work, please get in touch. Contact information can be found on the Business page.